Refund Policy

We do our best to make sure you never need to use this policy. But still for theory purpose here it is - If an item you ordered from Rahul Computex Pvt. Ltd. does not meet your expectations do write to us and we will happily try to assist you. We are dedicated at Rahul Computex Pvt. Ltd. to offer you the best quality in our products and our services. We know that mistakes are sometimes made though, and we are here to help remedy those problems.


In case if you do not like the product which you received from Rahul Computex Pvt. Ltd., you can send us back the item you have purchased in its original condition and pack within 7 days.

We will issue 90% refund of product price (10% will be Order Processing Charges). Customer need to first contact us through Contact Us page on our website before returning any product. If you will return the products before let us know the same, then we will not provide any refund.